Massage Therapy Practitioners

Massage Therapy

From the “Weekend Warrior” to the severe arthritis sufferer, many people may benefit from the art of massage therapy.

A skillfully trained therapist applies hands- on pressure and stretching techniques to affected soft tissue such as muscles and fascia. This often leads to decreased pain, improved mobility and a general sense of well-being.
Some research studies […]

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Massage Therapist – Mieko Rennie RMT

Mieko has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2004. She believes that massage therapy, a natural healing modality, is beneficial to aid in recovery from injuries, stress release and to provide ongoing maintenance to our mind and body.

Mieko uses a variety of techniques to help her clients achieve their optimum self: Swedish Massage, Systemic […]

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Massage Therapist – Sheri Cairo-Martinez RMT

Sheri has been practising massage therapy since 2004 and incorporates a variety of techniques to tailor the treatment to the individual patient. She specializes in deep tissue release, myofascial and trigger point release, muscle energy techniques and pre and post-natal massage. She has experience with various repetitive injuries, postural imbalances and stress-related conditions such […]

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Massage Therapist – Silvia Hickey RMT

With over ten years of experience as an RMT, Silvia takes a “whole body” approach to treatment and strives to look beyond the symptoms to find the underlying cause of a patient’s condition. Her modalities include myofascial release, deep tissue massage, muscle energy techniques and Swedish massage.  Her experiences have led her to work […]

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Massage Therapist – Norbert Miller RMT

Norbert Miller has been a registered massage therapist in the Port Moody area for over 12 years.  He initially established his own thriving Portside Massage Therapy Clinic before joining us here at Cornerstones in 2005.  Along with promoting family wellness care, Norbert treats a wide variety of conditions including occupational, sporting and motor vehicle […]

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